Obsidian Help

Working with multiple vaults

Each collection of notes in Obsidian is known as a Vault. A Vault consists of a folder, and any sub-folders within it. Right now, you're looking at the Vault you created, or opened, and Obsidian Help is just a folder of files within that.

You can open another Vault anywhere on your computer, and it will retain its own individual [[List of plugins|Plugins]] and [[Custom CSS]]. This is useful, for example, if you have one Vault where you keep notes but a different one in which you do long-form writing.

A new or existing Vault can be opened from the button just above the Settings gear. You can either open it in the same window, or a new one.

[[Internal link|Internal Links]] are not shared across Vaults. If you have one Vault inside another Vault, this can get confusing, so we recommend not doing that.

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